Fox Forestry is a tight-knit team of passionate individuals

Rik Fox - Head Honcho and Lantra Qualified Instructor
Bek Rose - Company Secretary and Queen of Organisation
Myrtle The Timber Hound - Spaniel Supreme that can sniff out a good stick at 100 paces.

Rik is a born tree-monkey and has clocked up an impressive 25 years of experience in the utility arboriculture industry. Fox Forestry has been his pride and joy for the past 5 years, a business through which he has provided training, assessing and tree felling in East Anglia and, oddly enough, Northern and Southern Ireland. Before Fox Forestry, Rik worked for a large utility arb contracting company for over 15 years. The training and assessing side of the job has dominated the last 8 years of his life. Rik is well known for being able to grow an impressive beard in winter, and he has a special love of birds (especially owls), which we think he hopes will nest in the aforementioned impressive beard one day.

Bek, a landscape gardener by trade, has decided to dedicate even more of her time to the efficient running of Fox Forestry, especially coordinating training events. She is a spreadsheet pro, prolific list maker and whips up a damn fine bacon sandwich around lunchtime!

Myrtle The Timber Hound has her eyes firmly set on world domination in the utility arb industry… her passion for timber is second to none – after all who ever saw an arborist run after a stick? Word of warning: Do not be drawn too deeply into her enthusiastic ways in the woodland, her excitement upon close inspection will result in a dizzy spell.


Why Choose Fox Forestry For Utility Arb Training Courses?

Besides the bacon butties and brilliant beard, there are lots of reasons why we think we are the best choice for utility arb training in East Anglia.

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2 Red House Farm Cottage
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